Traditional land-line phone systems are yesterday’s news. A voice-over-IP phone system is more flexible, more reliable and almost always more cost-effective than your old-fashioned phone system.

A little leery of getting your phone service over your internet connection? No problem – keep your existing telephone service and connect it to a new phone system from Layton Flower Technologies. You can add internet phone service at any time and make the transition on your schedule.

What do you get with VoIP?

  • Virtually unlimited extensions and voicemail boxes
  • Virtually unlimited incoming phone lines
  • Voicemails delivered to your email
  • Off-site extensions can be added anywhere in the world with VoIP phone via the internet
  • On-demand call recording
  • Conference bridge for professional quality conference calls
  • Mobile apps allow employees to stay connected just as if they were in the office. No need to have clients and vendors make a second call to someone’s mobile phone just because they are not at their desk.

Elevate your communication