Managed Firewalls

Managed firewalls protect your business

Cybersecurity is a priority for businesses of all sizes. New threats appear often, and for most organizations, firewalls offer the strongest protection against the bad guys waiting at the perimeter, looking for any vulnerability. Firewalls have long been used as gatekeepers for business IT. As threats have become more sophisticated and companies have come to rely more on their networks for day-to-day operations, firewall management can overwhelm already-taxed IT departments.


Managed firewall is one of several managed security services that Layton Flower Technologies offers, that help protect your networks from external forces. Besides limiting network access, our services also include monitoring, alerting you of unusual activity or access attempts and further protecting your business networks. The benefits to your business include:

Keeping threats in check

We leverage the latest network security technologies and information to automate and facilitate business cybersecurity. With cloud-based analytics and access to ever-evolving threat intelligence, managed firewalls can help smaller businesses and those without in-house expertise maintain enterprise-level security.

Access to analytics

Predictive analytics can detect many potential threats before they impact a network. By tracking and analyzing logs and configurations, your business will be able to respond quickly to security events before they inflict irreparable damage. With increased access to relevant network information, your business will benefit from more in-depth insights into all that happens in your security ecosystem.

Maximizing productivity through controls

While managed firewalls add a secure layer of protection against external threats, they can also promote productivity by restricting application access to network resources. With managed firewalls, your business will have access to dynamic, identity-based inspection and control that's helpful for creating and enforcing policies.

Managed firewall services arm any business with the tools it needs to maintain a strong security posture. For more information about how we can help your business achieve the highest level of network security, contact us today!

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