Business Continuity Planning

It is crucial to ensure the safety of your business and guarantee its recovery in the case of being compromised by a hacker attack, power outage or even a natural disaster. This is where Layton Flower Technologies’ business continuity planning comes into play- we have worked with a variety of companies and industries to create a business continuity plan to help your business recover from an attack or disaster. A major technological interruption has devastating effects on most SMBs and enterprises but with the proper plan and procedure in place, your business will be set up to weather the storm.

Why does your business need a continuity plan?

  • Secure, Reliable Backup – Scheduled backup of critical systems with automatic transfer off-site. We'll have your data ready, in case disaster strikes and you need it!
  • Efficient Planning – Disaster-related downtime is minimized due to our proven recovery process.
  • Business Continuity – A customized plan for ensuring the continuation of your business if your physical location is destroyed.

Don't let your business fall victim to massive downtime, lost revenue, and lengthy recovery timelines. Over 90% of companies that undergo significant data loss are out of business within 5 years of the incident- a solid business continuity plan can see to it that your business survives a crisis of this nature.

Contact our team at Layton Flower Technologies to learn more about what business continuity planning looks like, and schedule a consultation to begin this roadmap for your business!

Can you afford not to protect all you’ve worked for?